Your Morning Headlines ‐ 13/11/2014

Good morning. Here are your headlines at the start of the day.

1. Beef Forum

A deal has been reached between farmers and meat processors of the beef sector after nine hours of deliberations in the Beef Forum.

A comprehensive list of actions has been set out to answer the concerns of beef farmers including price incentives for steers and heifers from Quality Assured farms, no price penalties based on weight and no dual base pricing for breed, age and weight.

Both the Irish Farmers’ Association and Meat Industry Ireland welcomed the agreement with the IFA executive council due to meet in Dublin today to discuss the agreement. The Beef Forum will remain in place to oversee the implementation of the agreement.

Writer ‐ Leandro Pondoc

2. 1916 Commemoration Boycott

A group representing relatives of the 1916 Rising rebels have called for a boycott of the recently‐announced government plans to commemorate the event in its centenary of 2016.

The 1916 Relatives Association dismissed the announcement at last night’s GPO as a “publicity stunt” and said they were unhappy over details given to them by Arts Minister Heather Humphrey’s department that differed from the planned events announced.

The events will include a wreath‐laying ceremony in Kilmainham Gaol and a military parade and reading of the Proclamation. Minister Humphreys has said the events were designed to, “remember, honour, inspire and motivate.”

Writer ‐ Leandro Pondoc

3. Irish Corporate Tax

Brussels is expected to renew pressure on reforming Ireland’s corporate tax after an announcement of new measures to combat tax evasion.

The announcements come as a response to the 343 tax deals that resulted in tax avoidance in Luxembourg. Though Luxembourg at the time was in compliance with national and international tax legislation, lack of harmonisation has lead to unethical breaches of conduct.

European Commission president Jean‐Claude Juncker unveiled the new series of initiatives yesterday which could result in an escalation of EU control over countries’ tax systems.

Writer ‐ Leandro Pondoc

4. Quatar 2022

FIFA has released a report clearing Qatar of any suspected corruption during the bidding process for the 2022 World Cup.

In the 430‐page report, FIFA found no sufficient evidence to back the multiple allegations that bribery had taken place in the bidding process. There will be no re‐vote and the tournament will go ahead as planned.

Qatar has long been under scrutiny since it won the bid in 2010 with many scrutinizing the country’s dubious treatment of migrant workers, possible corruption in the building of stadiums and concerns of extreme heat prohibiting play.

Writer ‐ Leandro Pondoc

5. Ebola 

Over 90 people have been quarantined in Bamako, Mali, after a 25-year-old nurse died after treating a man from Guinea with Ebola-like symptoms.

The man was not tested for Ebola and mourners may have been exposed to the virus after his body was washed in a mosque and returned to Guinea for burial without precautions.

A doctor in the clinic where the nurse worked is also suspected of contracting the virus and is being monitored. The nurse is the second person in Mali who has reportedly died from Ebola since the outbreak began.

Writer ‐ Hannah Moran