Your Afternoon Headlines ‐ 20/02/2015

Good afternoon. Here are the headlines past midday.

1. Hospital Waiting Lists

Hospital waiting lists have seen an increase of more than 21,500 patients comparing the end of January 2014 with that of 2015.

New waiting list figures reveal a significant increase in the number of adults and children on hospital waiting lists for treatment, with 33 of 41 acute hospitals reporting rising lists.

The waiting list at Galway University Hospital is the largest and has grown by over 3,000 in the past year, bringing it to a total of 8,347 adults and children waiting for inpatient or day case treatment.

Writer ‐ Nicole O’Connor

2. Graham Dwyer’s Trial

A number of books describing techniques for silent killing have been found on Elaine O’Hara’s laptop, the Central Criminal Court has heard earlier today.

One of the books was called 21 Techniques of Silent Killing, which included chapters on manual weapons. The Court was told that the book files were created on the 6th of April in 2009 and last accessed on the 18th August, in 2012.

Graham Dwyer, an architect from Foxrock, is charged with the murder of childcare worker Elaine O’Hara with whom he had solicited a relationship online.

Writer ‐ Ana Kazadojeva

3. Livestock Theft

A €10,000 reward is now being offered as part of a  new campaign to combat the problem of livestock theft across Ireland.

Gardaí, the Irish Farmers’ Association and Crimestoppers have come together to appeal for information, which will see a €10,000 reward  being offered for any information that leads to an arrest and charge.

Recent figures show 319 stolen animals were reported in 2013 and 159 in 2014. So far 2015 has seen 35 animals reported stolen.

Writer ‐ Nicole O’Connor

4. Arrest in Sweden

A Swedish woman has been arrested for keeping her daughters captive indoors for over a decade.

One of the three children, who is now an adult, managed to leave the small apartment and raise the alarm. According to a report, the mother moved her children to different locations over the years, in order to avoid their father.

The man, who claims to be the father, told the Swedish newspapers that he has been searching for the girls for over seventeen years.

Writer ‐ Ana Kazadojeva

5. Irish Man Jumps Off Balcony

An Irish man has been reported jumping from a thirty six floor balcony in Thailand after he got an email to say that his house in Ireland is being seized.

The forty nine year old that was living with his forty seven year old Thai girlfriend and had been celebrating the Chinese New Year when they received the email.

According to the girlfriend a fight broke out and he struck her in the face. When she went to get the security guard they returned and found the man standing on the balcony where he jumped to his death.

Writer ‐ Izzy McCullough