Action Replay’s NFL Preview Podcast

A week from Sunday, two teams, Kerry and Dublin will battle it out to become the All Ireland Football Champions for 2015. After what’s been a pretty straightforward season for both counties, you could be forgiven for still having a hunger for more football. Well as one door closes, another opens as tonight sees the start of the NFL season for 2015.

The off-season has seen a number of high profile incidents featuring American football’s finest getting into deep trouble away from the field. What is for certain is that nothing is certain. Action Replay called upon our bastion of NFL knowledge Shane O’Mahony to share his wisdom and help us try to predict how it’s all going to turn out.

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East- Philadelphia Eagles
North- Green Bay Packers
South- Atlanta Falcons
West- Seattle Seahawks
Wildcards- Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions
East- New England Patriots
North- Pittsburgh Steelers
South- Indianapolis Colts
West- Denver Broncos
Wildcards- Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens

Individual Awards
MVP- Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts)
Defensive Player Of The Year- JJ Watt (Houston Texans)
Offensive Rookie Of The Year- Marcus Mariotta (Tennessee Titans)
Defensive Rookie Of The Year- Leonard Williams (New York Jets)
Comeback Player- Sam Bradford (Philadelphia Eagles)
Coach of the year- Bill Belichek (New England Patriots)

Super Bowl 50 Champions – Seattle Seahawks