Welcome to DCUfm Arts

Hello, I’m Ryan McBride, and I’m very excited to be announced as DCUfm’s very first head of Arts.

DCUfm’s Arts department is being launched this year, and we are very much chewing at the bit to get it up and running.

Expectations are high, and it’s no wonder; Our News and Sports teams have time and time again been the highest regarded in student media, and have produced some of the best broadcasters in the industry. The DCUfm Arts team does not plan to fall short of this.

We’re establishing DCUfm’s flagship Arts and Culture show, Barometer. In this we aim to bring you the very best in Music, Film, Television, Theatre, Art, Literature and everything else ‘arts’ we can fit into our one hour weekly slot. There is a wealth of creative genius in DCU, in Dublin, and beyond, that we know deserves coverage.

You can catch Barometer every Monday at 5pm.

As well as that we aim to bring you the best in documentaries, and bring DCUfm one step closer to the clean sweep at the smedias.

So join us on this journey, come grow with us. Follow us on twitter @DCUfmArts and like us at our Facebook page (/DCUfmArts)