Top Tracks of the Week

A wide variety of tunes gets played on DCUfm and to sort through it all, our resident station DJ’s pick out what’s the best they’re playing this week. Take a look and listen…

Speed of Light – Iron Maiden

By Aidan Delaney (Heavy Load)

Iron Maiden had one of the comebacks of the year in more ways than one. They released their new album The Book of Souls last month and like any Maiden album, it was fantastic.

Their first since 2010’s Final Frontier, a tease of an album name because it clearly wasn’t the final frontier but Book of Souls almost didn’t happen thanks to a cancerous cist on singer Bruce Dickinson’s throat. They had all of his parts completed by the time it was discovered and thankfully it was caught early enough and he’s made a full recovery. What’s even more impressive is that even approaching 60, the man passionately known as the Air Raid siren, plays an absolute blinder on this album vocally. This is the first single released from Book of Souls and one of it’s highlights. Here’s the Speed of Light.

Music to My Soul – CeeLo Green

by Adam Halpin (LA Live)

Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, better known as one quarter of Goodie Mob,  one half of Gnarls Barkley, or a whole CeeLo Green is making a gracious return to hit making! Music to my Soul is one of the lead singles from Green’s  upcoming album Heart Blanche which is expected to be released next month.  The track certainly doesn’t disappoint with Green blessing us with everything we expect; amazingly powerful vocals, a smooth soulful hip-hop/RnB beat and an inspirational/motivational message.  Throughout the track Green tells us that the darkness in the world is justified by the light it inspires, “When it gets real cold, we got fire, and that’s music to my soul”, as a result advising his listeners to make the most out of life. Something particularly interesting to note about the song is its tendency to reminisce, sounding just like something from the early noughties and also not so subtly referencing the 2001 album, Even in Darkness, from The Dungeon Family, a hip hop music collective featuring Ceelo, his fellow Goodie Mob members and interestingly OutKast. So if you’re looking for something upbeat and uplifting CeeLo Green has certainly created the perfect song to brighten your day.

Under the Pressure – The War on Drugs

by Kevin Kelly (Big Sound Wave)

A sign of a good song for me is when I stick it on repeat, lie back, and listen. This song has become one of my favourites for that. The third album from The War on Drugs, Lost in the Dream, received huge critical acclaim, mainly because it is just that damn good. In a time where the album isn’t as important as the singles, The War on drugs have bucked that trend. The album’s opening song, Under the Pressure, is nearly 9 minutes of chill and enjoyment. It’s a simple composition, but as is the way with most stuff, simplicity done well is usually perfect.