Your Morning Headlines – 03/11/2015 online binary options wie funktioniert es Good morning. Here are the headlines at the start of the day. spss assignment help malaysia 1. Foggy Weather binary option trading in canada review software download Heavy fog in parts of the UK has resulted in several cancellation of flights from London. persuasive essay on addiction Over 129 flights from Heathrow Airport  were cancelled yesterday due to the dense fog that refused to lift. Three flights due from Dublin to London have already been cancelled today.

binary options software and systems reviews While there is fog in Ireland as well, Met Eireann has said that the fog will generally clear to a mostly cloudy day. Passengers due to go on flights today are generally advised to check if their flights are departing.

2. Slavery in Irish Fishing

A major investigation by the Guardian has claimed that Irish fishing trawlers illegally employ Asian and AFrican workers in debilitating conditions, with the Irish government turning a blind eye to the goings-on.

The year-long investigation turned up details such as undocumented workers working for days often without sleep, some forbidden from leaving the boat due to their immigration and contracts worth €1000 a month on “unlimited hours” with no holidays or days off.

Ella McSweeney, one of the journalists working on the story, said that the legitimate trawlers are having trouble having to compete with those that use smuggled or trafficked workers. In response to the report, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney said that the Gardai has established a project meant to deal with this very issue.

3. Web Summit

Over 40,000 are expected to attend over the three days of the last Web Summit in Dublin as it kicks off today, a massive leap from the 400 that attended the first such gathering in 2010.

Over 1’000 speakers will take part in the event, from journalists to entrepreneurs along with employees and important figures from technological giants such as Facebook and Google thought Taoiseach Enda Kenny will not be in attendance, having received his invitation too late to add to his schedule.

The event was overshadowed by the summit’s decision to relocate to Lisbon, Portugal next year and leaked emails showing the deterioration of the relationship between government officials and organizers of the summit.

4. UK Police Twitter Furore

A staff member of the Merseyside Police has left the force after using their official Twitter to joke about rape with the public.

The incident happened after a game between Everton and Sunderland ended with 6-1 to Everton and a member of the public tweeted at Merseyside Police, saying that “an incident of rape occurred” at the game, to which the Merseyside Police responded in a now-deleted tweet that “Sunderland certainly got caught with their pants down.”

Complaints were made of the Merseyside Police flippantly making jokes about sexual assault, leading to an apology from the police and a decision by an unnamed staff member to leave the force.

5. Plane Crash in Egypt.

The Egyptian government has rubbished claims that ISIS was responsible for the crash of a Russian passenger jet in Egyptian slow, citing the cause of the crash as ‘external factors.’

The Kogalymavia Airbus A-321 crashed into the Sinai Peninsula on Saturday, resulting in the deaths of 224 people. ISIS were quick to claim responsibility which Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has dismissed as ‘propaganda.’

Analysis on the recovered black boxes from the planes is due to begin today with a senior Kogalymavia executive claiming that only “external factors” could have resulted in the crash, claiming the plane was technically perfect.


Writer – Leandro Pondoc