Newswire – 11/04/2016

On Week 11’s Monday edition of Newswire, talks on government formation continues to lurch forward, Cork endures flooding, IBEC warns of consequences should Britain exit the EU and more.

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* Government Formation

Negotiations began this week between Fine Gael and Fianna Fail to form a minority government. Lisa O’Donnell spoke to one of the many Independent TDs taking part in talks with the two parties, Maureen O’Sullivan. She began by asking her what she thinks would be the best possible result of these talk.

Listen/Download the interview here.

* IBEC on Brexit

A report from the Irish Business and Employer’s Confederation warned of the effects that a British exit from the European Union will have with its closest trading partner, Ireland, specifically on key sectors of the economy. Leandro Pondoc spoke with IBEC’s director of EU and International Affairs, Dr. Pat Ivory, starting off by asking him what would be the immediate effects of Brexit on Ireland.

Listen/Download the interview here.

* Flooding in Cork

Cork city was hit by severe flooding over the weekend, damaging many businesses in the city centre. Lisa O’Donnell spoke to Laurence Owens of the Cork Buiness Association about the flooding, and began by asking him what condition the city is in today.

Listen/Download the interview here.

* Religion Amongst Third-Level Students

New figures show that very few third level students attend religious services on campus. Andrew Gleeson spoke to students and DCU’s chaplin Philip McKinley about these figures.

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