Equipment Booking

At DCUfm, we have a simple system for booking out a piece of our equipment.

  1. You must be a fully paid member of DCU Media Production Society
  2. You must be a registered member of DCUfm
  3. You must fill out the below form

If any equipment you book out is damaged, lost or otherwise made unavailable to the general society after your usage, you will be billed for the full cost of that item, along with any shipping costs. Our equipment is NOT insured, unlike equipment from the Loans Office. A list of what is expected to be returned with each item is included in carry cases.

Once you have filled out and submitted the form correctly, you may take the equipment. Please return as soon as possible. If taking equipment for a period which would result in the equipment being out of DCUfm overnight, make this clear, as well as the reasons.

You must fill out each section.

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